Buff Headwear

May 5th, 2011 § 2 comments

Sometimes you just have to make do.  I shot some images for Buff Headwear yesterday…  It was sunny and too bright, only a brick wall and no open shade.  So I created some just on the models face.

Normally I use a diffuser which is a great piece of gear, but of course I didn’t have one with me.  So I used a Softbox on a stand to cast a shadow.  And the front of the softbox acted as a reflector to bounce a little fill light back into her face.

No more squinting.  Soft gorgeous look.


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  • Wolf Riehle says:

    great photos of a great product sold by a great guy! I have one comment though: since those neck gaiters are supposed to keep you warm, this is what you want to convey in the photos. To me, the photos have a certain frigid feel – skin, eyes, tones in general.
    As a marketing guy, I would ask you to create something warm and cosy looking in a cold environment.
    Miss you, leaving for Deutschland on Sunday with my son (some business and legal obligations). Feli sends her regards, Yours, Wolf

    • admin says:

      Thanks Wolf! These were shot for a summer campaign to show that Buff can be worn year-round, and that they are also cool in warm weather. But I totally take your point!!

      Miss you too my friend. Safe travels. Hugs to you and Feli.

      All the best,

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