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Sometimes the subject is more interesting than the task at hand.  Enter Dasha Gaizova.  I spent more time sitting on the floor listening and talking to her than actually shooting.  Life for her growing up in Russia. Living on opposite sides during the Cold War.  The Berlin Wall.  Competing on the World Cup circuit.  Mutual friends and lots more besides.  Fascinating and fun.

Intriguing, articulate and one of Canada’s top cross country ski racers, Dasha is leaving shortly  to compete for her adopted country on the gruelling circuit in europe.

Super fun to sit down with her and take some images using window light.



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Synchronicity. We had just received in the office a brand new and very bright pink town bike. Enter Emily wearing a pink t-shirt. Had to be done.

Lots of fun shooting into the low afternoon sunshine and capturing her hair blowing in the breeze.   And her wonderful youthful exuberance.


Alysson Infinity

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Always fun to go out and shoot with Alysson.  She is super relaxed in front of the camera and has a great range of expressions, plus we laugh a lot together.  We poked around in the industrial park looking for good backgrounds, and following the light trying to get Alysson out of the harsh sunlight.

At one point I was standing blocking the entrance of an industrial compound shooting away when a very large loader with a huge piece of  machinery on the back drove up.  I said I would get out of the way but the driver was very happy and reversed back out into the street and waited until we had finished.  Worth the wait I think.


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