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Amee is very cool, and very funny.  I don’t think I have laughed so much during a photo shoot as I did with her.   She turned up for the shoot on her bike in the pouring rain, with her jeans soaking wet.  It didn’t faze her.

The first headshots were taken indoors using available light.  Due to the gloomy weather I had to push the ISO so that I could get a decent shutter speed even with a narrow depth of field.  The window light gives a really lovely light that wraps around her face.

Once we got outside we  had lots of fun with movement with Amee jumping and spinning and getting her gorgeous hair to do it’s own thing.  And always laughing.

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Buff Headwear

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Sometimes you just have to make do.  I shot some images for Buff Headwear yesterday…  It was sunny and too bright, only a brick wall and no open shade.  So I created some just on the models face.

Normally I use a diffuser which is a great piece of gear, but of course I didn’t have one with me.  So I used a Softbox on a stand to cast a shadow.  And the front of the softbox acted as a reflector to bounce a little fill light back into her face.

No more squinting.  Soft gorgeous look.


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