Snowboard FIS World Cup

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Conventional photography wisdom tells you that when shooting in sunlight to make sure the sun is either behind you or, even better, from the side.  If you shoot into the sun the image will be blown out and you will get “nasty flares” of coloured light.

Shooting at the Snowboard World Cup in Calgary this week was a great opportunity to use the light to advantage and break the rules.  In the Ladies’ Halfpipe competition Mirabelle Thovex of France is captured as she comes straight towards me, with the sun directly behind her.

Great action, great colours.


It’s Behind You!

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Always look over your shoulder!  I was taking pictures of Kelly Vanderbeek, which I showed on my recent blog post, when I turned and saw the reaction of some of the girls watching.

I really don’t know what Kelly said, the horrors of getting injured perhaps?  It certainly captured these young ladies interest.  And made for a great photo opportunity.

Kelly looks like such a sweet storyteller.  I wouldn’t want to sit around a campfire and listen to her tales…

Click on the image to enlarge.  But look over your shoulder first.


Seeing Double

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Fast and Female is a tremendous programme that I love to support as it marries two things that are dear to my heart: encouraging girls to participate in sport and cross country skiing.   Plus, it is run by the wonderful Chandra Crawford, Olympic gold medalist and fun-loving motivator.

Fast and Forward took a step into the world of Alpine skiing recently and invited 40 junior racers to attend a day at Lake Louise during the Women’s World Cup Alpine ski race.

I took this photo of these two girls as they were leaving the ski lodge with the light coming from behind them.  Lovely symmetry. Gorgeous light.  2 pretty young faces.  Hard to beat that.


Kelly Vanderbeek

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Canadian alpine ski racer Kelly Vanderbeek talks with her hands.  And is totally inspiring in the process.  The first Canadian woman to win a medal in a Canadian World Cup event, Kelly knows a thing or two about the huge demands of being a downhill ski racer.  In December 2009, just weeks before the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, she suffered a terrible injury that ended her season.

Recently she gave a passionate motivational talk to young female ski racers about her racing career, and how to stay positive and motivated despite the set-backs.  She was a pleasure to photograph as she sat surrounded by eager young faces.

2 weeks ago Kelly underwent further surgery to reconstruct her knee and she is now focused on bouncing back to full fitness.  I look forward to seeing her talk once again, this time with her skis on the slopes.

Shot with available light.  Nikon D3s.   ISO 800 ~  200mm ~ f 3.2 ~  1/60 sec.


Jan Hudec

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Passion.  That’s what I love about sport.

Jan Hudec is the first Canadian in the history of World Cup ski racing in Lake Louise to win the downhill in 2007.  Since then he has undergone 6 operations on his knees.  After a poor week in training he doubted his ability to even compete in this season’s race due to the pain he was suffering.

Starting in 42nd place, and after a delay due to fog rolling onto the course, he skied incredibly and finished in 11th place.  A remarkable performance.

“Words can’t describe it,” said an emotional Hudec. “It was an inspired run. Short of a miracle, I don’t know what else it was.”

I was walking away from the course when I saw Jan’s time as he crossed the finish line.  I was far away and had the wrong lens on my camera, but realised just before Jan did what his finishing place was and put the camera up to my eye, and got this emotionally charged reaction as he saw his time.

The members of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team wore unique race suits during the World Cup  in Lake Louise, which paid tribute to the iconic suit worn by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Jan kindly posed in his Spyder suit after the race, one of only 8 made, and worn only for this World Cup race.


Road Trip Santa Fe Style

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It’s all in the planning…  I took this shot from a very low angle with a 14-28mm f2.8 lens.  The problem with this particular lens is that you can get a lot of distortion and this is most apparent when you are shooting people.  So to minimize this I got down on the ground and made sure not to angle the camera up too much.

It created a fun shot that highlights firstly how little input I had in planning the road trip, but also shows that you always need to be on the lookout for images.

Click the image to enlarge.

Shot at ISO 200, 14mm at f 2.8 1/500 sec. Nikon D3s.


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