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Juliette and I arrived at a funky clothing store in Taos, NM at the same time.  Different directions.  Different plans.  She was there to promote her line of jewellery while I was there to do a model shoot for Z the owner.

Juliette was great.  Lots of energy, helped style the shoot, pitched her jewellery, laughed a lot.  Then she tried on a pink hat.  Well, with those blue eyes and that hair I just had to say “come and stand here for a moment”.

Natural light, standing just outside the door of the store which gives a gorgeous wrap-around light.


Fast and Female Women’s 2011 New Year Fit-Fest

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There are a couple of choices with lighting when working indoors: use the available light or use strobes.  Well, the latter choice can be pretty invasive with flashes going off and moving gear around such as softboxes or other light modifiers.  When you are the only guy in a pretty small gym with 45 women you want to try to be as unobtrusive as you can.  And not really draw attention to yourself.  So that leaves pretty limited options.

The gym had some big windows down one side but early on it was fairly gloomy outside and not much natural light was making it into the gym.  Fortunately the Nikon D3s allowed me to push the ISO up to 1600 which gave me more room to move and little or no noise in the final image.  I was still shooting wide-open at f2.8 and only getting 1/30 second a lot of the time, which is not great as these girls were moving around a lot.  Thankfully the sun helped me out later in the morning and I got some wonderful window-light.  And really great images.

Thanks to the ladies for making me so welcome, to the organisers Fast and Female who rocked as ever and Athletic Evolution for a great venue.


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