Into the Light

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The light at this time of the year is beautiful: golden slanting rays of sunshine.

I first composed the shot of the bridge and then loitered with intent… trying to look inconspicuous with a fat Nikon and 200mm lens slung over my shoulder.  Luckily I didn’t need to wait too long in the cold before these three guys came along.  I love the glow of the colours, the rim lighting on their bodies and the sense of movement.

Shot at ISO 200.  200mm.  f / 8.0.  1/640 sec.  Nikon D3S.


Available Light

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I love the way light can sometimes crash it’s way inside a room in a burst of creative energy.  One moment you’re sitting in a cafe in relative gloom and suddenly this beam bounces in and someone is just bathed in a glorious pool of natural light.

Sitting across the room with a 70-200 on the camera you’ve just got take a moment to set the camera up, take a grab shot and trust to instinct.



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This morning at eleven o’clock I stood in the bitter cold and silently watched the Remembrance Day Parade in Canmore.  As I listened to the mournful piper’s lament I remembered those I knew who gave their lives serving their country.

Wandering back lost in thought I stopped to warm up in The Whyte Horse Cafe.  Sitting by the fire reading the paper a story made me stop.  Tim Goddard’s daughter Nicola was killed serving with the Canadian forces in Afghanistan in May 2006.  He was subsequently presented with the Silver Cross, the medal “nobody wants”.

He wrote: “This morning as I dress, I pin it to my jacket. It will be hidden by my overcoat on this blustery November day. As I march down University Avenue nobody else will see it, nobody will know. But that’s OK. I know. I remember.”

I think of all the parents and loved ones who have been left behind by the tragedy of war.  I walk home and in my pocket I have my dad’s medals.  And I am thankful for people like Nicola. And I remember.

The picture was taken on a bright summer’s day in England.

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Go and Get Good.

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I was a photographer back in the day.  Film.  Darkrooms.  Worked for a local paper for a while.  Freelanced.  Prime Minister’s visit.  Stock work.  Have camera will travel.  Dropped my expensive Nikon outfit a 1000 feet down a mountain in the Dolomites. Uninsured.

Life moved on.  Adventures.  Marriage.  Kids.  Business.  Always had the dream though, gnawing away in the background.  A creative impulse trying to get out.  Then a break-up earlier in the year made me stop and look at life.  Re-evaluate who I was and what I wanted.  I said to my then 13 year old daughter Annie that I was thinking of getting back into photography, but things have changed.  Digital cameras, Photoshop, new workflows, new everything.  And I don’t know if I’m good enough anymore.  She looked me straight in the eye and said “Dad, go and get good enough.”

Wise words.  So I’ve been doing that.  Learning from some of the best: Joe McNally, Robert Maxwell, Matthew Jordan Smith, Kurt Markus, Jimmy Chin…  Reading, watching, travelling.  Meeting good people. Developing ideas and always learning.  Always with a camera.  Exciting times.

Thanks Annie.


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