Halloween Handshake

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Extreme skier Lynsey Dyer gets to grips with boyfriend Jimmy Chin.  Jimmy is a member of The North Face Athlete team, climber, world-class photographer and extreme skier whose many astonishing accomplishments include climbing Everest a couple of times but only skiing back down once…

Jimmy was once voted as one of the world’s most eligible bachelors by ‘People’ magazine.  Doesn’t look like Lynsey’s going to let him go anytime soon…

Shot in Santa Fe.  Natural light.  Small adjustment in Lightroom for the Halloween colour effect.


Outside Exposure 2010

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When you take Outside magazine, 24 photographers and add 3 world class instructors, good things are going to happen.  Especially in somewhere with such fantastic light as Santa Fe.  Enter Lynsey Dyer.  Extreme skier.  Fast, fashionable and damn pretty.  Founder of www.shejumps.org so you know a light shines brightly inside her.  And funny enough to take the piss out of an English photographers accent…  Good things happen.


Deep in the Heart of Texas

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Learning to shoot opposites: wide/tight; black/white; energy/quiet, colour/neutral etc.  Working in Dallas with Jenn a gorgeous model and under the guidance of the amazing photographer Matthew Jordan Smith.


Mountain Weather

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Living in the mountains you never can tell what the new day will bring.  This morning a few centimetres of snow lay on the ground in Canmore.  The light was changing rapidly from sunny blue skies to totally socked in.  I loved the intensity of the blues as the sun just bounced into the snow.


A different way of seeing.

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Occasionally in life you need a change of perspective and a different angle on things.  Sometimes you just have to give up, lay on the ground and see what’s up.  I think it’s kinda cool down here.



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Some dates are significant and ones we will always remember.  Some are just cool.  Like today.  In celebration the mountains put on an incredible display this morning.


Canmore Morning

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Up early this morning and out into glorious light.  The sun was bathing the mountains in golden sunshine and I managed to get set-up and take a few frames before the light dissolved.

Have a great weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Nikon D3S 1/25 sec at f / 7.1, ISO 200

14mm (14.0 – 24.0 mm f/2.8)

Nikon D3S 1/30 sec at f / 7.1, ISO 200

14mm (14.0 – 24.0 mm f/2.8)


Caroline, Edel and Loona

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Check out the pictures of Caroline and her 2 dogs.  Edel is a stately old lady who hails originally from Switzerland.  Caroline told me her dog had visited 6 European countries.  Taken on a beautiful autumnal afternoon in Canmore.



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In Iceland they happily tell you that all the women there are beautiful because the Vikings went on raiding parties to England and Ireland and took all the good looking girls.  When you look at young women like Sara you have to believe it’s true…

A law student and model.  The Vikings sure did something right.

1/100 sec at f / 3.2, ISO 200

185 mm (70.0-200.0 mm f/2.8)

Natural light


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