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Hang out in an Icelandic thermal power plant long enough and pretty soon a passing photographer is going to ask you to stand in an industrial piece of machinery and take your picture…  especially when you are Swedish and beautiful.  Ebba had never modelled before but she still looked fabulous.



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Model.  Ballerina.  Pianist.  And with gorgeous pink boots!  Eva was wonderful to watch, fantastically balletic in her movements and so graceful.  She could also jump amazingly high…



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Fall seems to have arrived in Canmore in full glorious colour.

Nikon D3S 1/50 sec at f / 5.6, ISO 200

195mm (70.0 – 200.0 mm f/2.8)



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On board a fishing vessel in SE Iceland you can cut through the smell of the fish with a knife!  On board the Erlingur the skipper was a rugged character who spoke no English.  Many long hours spent at sea obviously gave him a calm temperament though and he was happy to pose.  His blue eyes showed a steely hardiness.  Pure Viking stock.



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On location in Iceland.  Heiða was the sweetest girl to photograph.  Despite the cool weather she was happy and always ready to pose.

Gorgeous evening sunshine shot with natural light and using a Lastolite Tri-Grip Diffuser for the close-ups and a Gold reflector when the sun was directly behind her.


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